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    fake post 2

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    fake post

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    Five years later, not much has changed

    When BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20, 2010, and sank to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, it killed 11 workers and spewed millions of gallons of crude across a huge swath of ocean and coastline. It took 87 days before the flow of oil could be stopped, but the devastation to wildlife and livelihoods continues to this day.

    With the support of its allies in Washington D.C., the oil industry has avoided reforms that would make drilling safer. Despite a long chain of failures that led to the blowout, Congress has yet to pass a single law to help prevent future offshore-drilling disasters—even as industry efforts expand in the Gulf and the administration considers opening Atlantic and Arctic waters.

    The nation’s costly and dangerous dependence on fossil fuel continues to endanger the lives of U.S. workers, the health of our waters, the lifeblood of coastal economies, and the survival of wildlife. There is a better way—putting necessary safeguards in place while also converting to clean energy sources that can’t spill or run dry. Former offshore-drilling regulator Liz Birnbaum is right: “We have long since reached the point where we should stop drilling for new supplies of oil.”

    Five years later, NRDC looks back on the people and places that endured the worst of the disaster, and whose lives continue to be harmed by its impact—and the ongoing blight of the fossil-fuel industry in their waters and on their shores.


    Lee Arbach TBP

    What is Millan fighting?
    1. The New Zealand Corporate Media. They print a picture like this and make a “joke” about not having a bridge to walk across. The Media Corporations ignore the “science” of the destructive sediments and waste flushed into the river. Someone recognized the “science” and penciled it in LOL!!!

    2. The near Monopolistic Corporate practices that cause sediments and waste.

    Good Luck Millan! And it’s the same in the USA, were under total Corporate Control!

    ps. You’re only hope (and America’s only hope too) is to stop Corporate donations to politicians and politicians cannot go to work for an industry they regulated.

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    test to see if posted on face

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    matthew, did you post so quickly because you got an email notification that i replied to your post? or was this just coincidence?

    i made a forum
    Comment on Products > Inflatable Kayaks Whitewater > Others
    the place which i designed them to go. i’m thinking in a box.

    now i can see you see
    Creating Your Own Photo and Video Galleries
    and that sounds like a more logical place to post just an image. now i’m getting a headache thinking about this! you’re not “Comment on Products” you just want to post a pic. i don’t know how to change the wording/forum. i don’t want to put too much text up! hmmm.

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    Thanks for that post Matthew! I’m glad the old Momentum is still holding up well. The material was certainly heavy enough to build a sherman tank with!
    Grabner Inflatable over in Austria still makes some boats that look like this, but they want about $3,000 or more for them.
    Lee A.

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    matthew, do you have anymore vintage shots like this? this sure is a really good high quality pic! if you have more i can make your own gallery with a menu. if not, i have to think how i’m going to handle it when a user posts one image. (and i have to do with the wordpress plugins that i’ve been given not necessarily how i’d like to do it. the darn photo gallery does NOT allow text on individual pics so i can’t lump everyone’s images into one gallery, i couldn’t credit who sent them, location, dates… i don’t know how to handle this! and PS, i’m Lee S, Lee A’s webslave!

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    Hello AIRE,
    Just wanted to get back to you and let you know that I did end up
    going with the red AIREforce prototype which Lee at The Boat People
    had, and believe I made the correct choice with seeking the ultimate
    play / backpack boat as these pictures will show. AND I EVEN FIT IN IT!!

    Look forwards to hitting the rapids real soon. Unfortunately, I was
    hoping to run the Naugatuck River Race in it, but I believe they are
    not going to allow me to use my force for some reason, which is
    totally stupid since its a class 1 or 2 river at best and I believe
    the Force is rated to class 5. But thats ok, I bought this package so
    I can hike in and kayak out wherever / whenever the mood strikes…

    You Guys Rule as I spend far too much time watching the AIRE
    instructional DVD over and over (both the raft / kayak sections) so I
    can see these crafts in action. Ever think of putting out a full
    length DVD of just that ?? All the different AIRE boats in action ??
    That would be great. Also, do you sell AIRE shirts / hats as I’ve seen
    different ones in the DVD worn by the personal in it??

    Thanks again for everything, really believe that all I need is AIRE !!
    Big George

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    These are two other pictures I took.
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