Rafting Colorado Cataract Canyon 1978

Rafting Colorado Cataract Canyon 1978. As I ran away from home and driving across America, from Chicago to California to fly to Hawaii, in a 1968 Chevolet Biscayne 2-door. I stopped in a small town, a gas station with grocery store, on my way to The Grand Canyon, I believe it was Moab Utah. I started talking to a Hippie who was wandering around. It turns out he was the the bus pick up driver waiting for the arrival of paid customers who were off on a week rafting trip going down Cataract Canyon. I was 19 and he was about 30. He instantly reminded me of my YMCA camp counselors. I let him know I was an avid canoeist, truck tire class 4 tuber, and claimed my older brothers Army surplus 2 man raft, we he got kicked out of the house for doing drugs. He told me to prepare, pack up, and get ready for the trip. I told him I didn’t have enough money being out in the wilderness. (you youngin’s don’t realize there were NO ATM Machines back then. The only way to safely carry money were American Express Travelers Checks and cash.) He said he didn’t care about the money and I could pay after the trip if liked. I had been an avid photographer since the Kodak Pocket Instamatic came out and my parents bought one for me in 1971 and I had it with me. I really didn’t have any gear for the trip. I had planned on the Biscayne breaking down and hitch hiking so I only brought one of those old style metal framed backpacks. What a trip it was. The best food I’ve ever eaten in my life! After the trip I headed to The Grand Canyon where I picked up a hitch hiker leaving the Canyon. He wasn’t like the “cool” hitch hikers of the Chicago suburbs. I believe he was Charles Manson’s mentor!

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