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AIRE Zipper Tape with Teeth and Zipper Car Production TablesAIRE zipper which closes the PVC shell around the bladders. The components are : 1. cloth tape with chain (zipper teeth) bonded to the cloth tape. 2. slider (sometimes called a car) which moves up/down the chain to open and close the zipper.



AIRE Craftspersons Inspect and Discuss Nearly Finished Inflatable Kayak

AIRE craftspersons inspect and discuss nearly finished inflatable kayak



AIRE Rafts Stitching Bulkhead

Stitching a bulkhead disc on an industrial sewing machine. The bulkheads separate the main hull of a raft into multiple chambers.



AIRE Standard Repair Kits for Rafts Catarafts IKs

Pick station for items included in AIRE's standard repair kits. The white rope is for lacing in raft floors.



AIRE Rocktagon River Tubes Pressure Tested

AIRE Rocktagon river tubes being pressure tested


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