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This raft, cataraft, and inflatable kayak forum is for you, our customers, friends, soon to be friends and guests to share your experiences with other paddlers.

If you want to write something to the effect of  “well, we liked this inflatable kayak but such and such an aspect of it really didn’t work”, or “we didn’t really think this raft handled as well or worked out quite in the way you guys stated” that’s fine with us. Please try to keep the naughty bits at a minimum. So far all the comments have been complimentary which sort of makes it look like we’re cherry picking, but that is not the case. Send those flames! Other boaters may use your information as their raft, cataraft, inflatable kayak buyers guide!

Try to be specific with any criticism. If you like or dislike something more than you expected, let your fellow boaters know why. If you have found a way to get around these “problems”, share that too. If you found a boat camping item, like a water filter or camp stove, or a sleeping pad or bag that you love or hate, tell your fellow boaters about it. It doesn’t have to be something we sell. Everyone is welcome here – not just our customers.

Check back periodically to see what your fellow inflatable kayakers and rafters are up to. Enjoy! Comments Reviews on Raft Cataraft Inflatable Kayak Products and Service.

RMR Cataraft Whitewater Run

RMR Cataraft Whitewater Run