Waitaua Stream in the Hatea River Catchment New Zealand Report #085

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    Lee Arbach TBP


    To – Whangarei District Council and Northland Regional Council Cc ,DOC, NIWA, NKONWM hapuu and stakeholders.
    Report #085 Waitaua Stream in the Hatea River Catchment (Vinegar Hill Road, Whangarei)
     This is the eighth report on the Whangarei harbour catchment where beef are causing considerable damage to the riparian at seven different locations.
     This Whangarei Harbour is a NRC “priority catchment” and comes under the NRC banner of “Waiora Northland Water”. This programme takes responsibility for the wellbeing of the Whangarei Harbour and its catchments.
     This report was sent to NRC as a hotline report on 28.07.2014. Two prior reports have been sent to NRC in regard to this same location – Report #036 on 19.11.2013 and Report #064 on 29.05.2014. * This is the third report on this farmer and this location.
     Beef cattle continue to foul the Waitaua Stream They are polluting the stream with excrement, urine and sediment run-off. The stream is part of the Hatea River catchment and flows on down to the Whangarei moana. They are crossing the stream to graze the recently “planted riparian” opposite.
     Please serve a notice to the farmer to cease causing “detrimental effects” to the steam. ERP-A has been informed that the owner of these cattle is a dairy farmer, if so, the Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord requires that the farmer must comply with fencing. Also, that part of this reported farm may be on WDC administered land.
     Please advise what action has been taken to instruct this farmer to cease causing detrimental effects to this stream and the greater waters that it flows on into.
     * NRC is now acknowledging receipt of ERP-A reports, but there is no “out-come” on action taken or instruction to the farmer. These reports are clear breaches of the RMA and NRC are duty bound to resolve the issue and to not to let it carry on as is demonstrated in this report.
    naku noa
    Millan Ruka
    Environment River Patrol – Aotearoa
    My hapu
    Te Uriroroi, Te Parawhau, Te Mahurehure ki Whatitiri

    Lee Arbach TBP

    What is Millan fighting?
    1. The New Zealand Corporate Media. They print a picture like this and make a “joke” about not having a bridge to walk across. The Media Corporations ignore the “science” of the destructive sediments and waste flushed into the river. Someone recognized the “science” and penciled it in LOL!!!

    2. The near Monopolistic Corporate practices that cause sediments and waste.

    Good Luck Millan! And it’s the same in the USA, were under total Corporate Control!

    ps. You’re only hope (and America’s only hope too) is to stop Corporate donations to politicians and politicians cannot go to work for an industry they regulated.

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