Maxxon PT-12 Pontoons review by TBP

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    Maxxon PT-12 Pontoons, for complete Maxxon information see the write-up’s for the 14′ & 16′ sizes (the P14 and P16). As noted in those descriptions, the Maxxon PT-12 Pontoon Cataraft size is a so-so seller for us. Therefore, we do not normally keep them on the shelf. If Maxxon has stock we can just have them sent direct to you, so in most cases the delivery time would be the same whether they send them or we do. It’s best to phone us at 925-820-BOAT on the twelve’s before going to the shopping cart, so that we can check stock.

    Rocky Mountain no longer makes a 12′ size, and AIRE’s shortest standard whitewater tube is 13′, so these are now the only twelve foot set of tubes we handle. As always, please note that pricing is for the tubes only, not the frame or accessories.
    Maxxon PT-12 Pontoons Cataraft

    The P12′s are 20.5″ in diameter, and 59 pounds per pair. They run $769 for the set, plus UPS, and are the grey tube shown in the rear of the photo. The appearance is slightly different now since there is no longer a circumference seam near the bow and stern – they are a continuous curve design similar to, but not as rockered as, the AIRE Wildcat tubes. They come with a mediocre foot pump, but that foot pump does have the twist-in valve adapter on the end of the hose. Should that pump give out at some point, please remember to save the last few inches of the hose & adapter because it is one we don’t normally stock.

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