AIRE Wave Destroyer 13 Cataraft review by TBP

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    AIRE Wave Destroyer 13 Cataraft. Last year two new sizes of the high rockered AIRE Wave Destroyers joined the line-up: this AIRE Catarafts Wave Destroyer 13 thirteen foot model, and a cute li’l 12′. Wave Destroyers are for both high flows and those who run steep, technical rivers. These two new smaller sizes offer a great option for those who go solo on difficult rivers, or in the case of the 13′ those who may take a friend or camp gear occasionally but not all the time. It should be noted that Wave Destroyers are slower in the flat sections and are not as much a “general purpose” cataraft like the AIRE Ocelot and Wildcat, the Wilcat being AIRE’s “normal” 13 model. The type of boating you do will determine your choice, but for hair rivers these smaller sizes of Wave Destroyers are often as safe or safer than their big brothers. Back flips are extremely rare with the high stern kick, since big hydraulics you’ve just passed through cannot exert much downward force on the small pointy surface area of the W.D. tube tips.

    AIRE Whitewater Cataraft Wave Destroyer 13

    Please note that the pricing of all whitewater cats shown on our site, and on all other competitor’s websites, are for the pair of tubes only – not the oars, frame, or other accessories. Your cost of $2,339 per pair does include a $117 toward shipping and any gear you need with the boat. And we’re sorry about the poor photo quality but we will replace it as soon as we have a better one to substitute.

    AIRE Catarafts Wave Destroyer 13 and all sizes of Wave Destroyers are now theoretically available in the standard color selection of blue, red, yellow, dark orange, and dark green. White, two-tone gray, and the dark purple are by special order only. You always want to have a second color choice though with Wave Destroyers of all sizes, and maybe even a third choice, because these are only built in small quantities. Being more specialized, Wave Destroyers do not sell in the same kind of numbers as most of AIRE’s other cat tubes. So AIRE does not have as many on the shelf, and we generally do not keep these in stock. Allow three business days plus the normal delivery time to your location from the west coast. I.E., if you are in Colorado, it will take a week and one day total to receive your Destroyer.
    AIRE Catarafts Wave Destroyer 13 Tubes

    The 13′ Wave Destroyer tubes are 21″ around, with sixteen D-rings and four lift handles per pair. Frame chafers are standard, and a set of these thirteen’s weigh 66 pounds. The bow & stern rise is 32″. Give us a call at 925-820-BOAT if you have questions.

    Note that all Wave Destroyers are also available in urethane fabric. The 13′ size runs an extra $1,225, though whether it’s worth going that way is highly debatable.

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