Tributary 16.0 SB review by TBP

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    AIRE Tributary 16.0 SB River Raft. A couple years back AIRE introduced a new, larger size self bailing Tributary raft known as the T 16.0SB, measuring 16’1″ long by 7’3″ wide. This is one of two full size AIRE sixteen footers, along with the newer American made 160DD (the “Double D”). Both have almost identical measurements, except that the 160DD has 2″ more interior width, because it’s main hull is one inch smaller in diameter than the Trib 16.

    The Tributary 10.0 SB raft has three thwarts like the smaller sizes of Tributarys, easily removable. The AIRE Tributary 16.0 SB River Raft weighs a hefty 170 pounds, and has 22″ tubes like AIRE’s 156 series rafts. All Tributary raft floors are laced in at the factory for fast draining, and can be removed for warranty service should the need arise, rather than forcing you to ship an entire raft as most other manufacturer’s would.
    AIRE Tributary 16.0 SB River Raft Shipping Notice

    Please note that due to the high weight of this AIRE Tributary 16.0 SB River Raft, the rate module that works with our shopping cart will not calculate the shipping properly for the T16.0 SB. It will show an amount for a 135 pound boat shipped UPS, and this one cannot actually go by UPS. You do get a $190 allowance toward delivery fees, so if the raft goes to a business address this may cover it or at least come close to covering it if you are not east of the Rockies. You can definitely phone us at 925-820-BOAT with your specifics so we can give you an accurate freight quote. We are generally around Monday through Saturday from 9:30am to 6:30pm pacific time.
    Specs for AIRE Tributary 16.0 SB River Raft

    The rocker on the ends of the T-16SB is 15″, so this should be a good raft for big water. The load capacity is given as 1,800 pounds, and that seems pretty realistic. Like the T-14 SB and T-13SB, it has four main chambers. The inside width with thwarts (or at least one thwart) fully inflated is 42″, or about 40.5″ without any thwarts. The color is blue like all Tributary rafts.

    Have you rowed a AIRE Tributary 16.0 SB River Raft? If so, and you have a few minutes, kindly post a review. We are not really fans of larger rafts over 14′ so it’s rare we personally use anything this big. Let us & your fellow boaters know your impressions, good, bad, or indifferent.

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