Super Lynx Inflatable Kayak Review by TBP

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    The AIRE Super Lynx Inflatable Kayak, 46 lbs, was built to fill the gap between the regular Lynx K2 whitewater inflatable kayak and the longer, rudder equipped Sea Tiger model. The Super Lynx meets the demand for a decent touring boat that can also run moderate rivers, while also providing enough space to hold overnight camp gear (or even multi-day camping supplies if both if you are of moderate to short stature), a child, or a big dog with it’s 14′ length – something the shorter whitewater models are hard pressed to do. All Super Lynx kayaks now feature a bolt-less removable aluminum tracking fin.
    AIRE Super Lynx Inflatable Kayak a Best Seller

    The Super Lynx inflatable kayak is one of our best selling AIRE boats and was redesigned about ten years back, and had another minor update (the floor bottom was flattened) two years ago. Instead of the left and right tube being separate entities like before, they are now one continuous hull like the main section of a raft. The tubes still taper at the ends, but they no longer diminish to a point. Instead, the left bladder runs through the front and one third of the way back along the right side, and vice-versa for the right bladder. This helps float the boat in a more paddle-able shape should you puncture one area – though with the toughness of AIRE’s outer shell that is pretty unlikely. This configuration also gives the boat a much more sexy look, and means that the front end will have higher rigidity for punching big ocean (or river) waves.

    The floor is very thick from top to bottom, so Super Lynx’s have phenomenal weight capacities for self-bailers. When AIRE came out with this model around 1993, the very first customer to buy one from us put four adults (whom he estimated totaled 600 lbs.) in one without swamping. Pretty amazing, considering some small self-bailing rafts with much larger tubes can barely do this. The current model probably should not be loaded with more than 525 pounds, which is still plenty of payload.
    Sleek AIRE Superlynx Inflatable Kayak

    The sleek, low-slung ends have very little wind resistance, and because AIRE seats are repositionable you can use the boat solo or tandem with equal ease, and you can even purchase a third seat for a child under our Kayak Accessory section if you wish. As mentioned in the first paragraph, AIRE finally added a removable tracking fin this year, the same one used on their zippy Sawtooth kayak. We are the primary instigator of this fin addition after having begged AIRE to do it for oh…. the last eight years! The hull speed of the Super Lynx is at least as good as the Sea Tiger, and in our opinion, it’s a bit better. A few other inflatables in the fourteen foot range, like the Soar canoes and Incept’s C42 tend to be much wider, slower, and heavier than the Super Lynx.

    If you like AIRE’s products but feel the Super Lynx is priced a bit high, it’s worth looking into the Strike 2 in our Tandem IK section. The Strike 2 is fairly quick as well, though it won’t hold overnight gear with two people on board.

    Super Lynx Pricing includes an $81 allowance toward UPS and/or accessories. In other words, $1,619 is the maximum you will pay to any lower 48 state destination, and even with a heavy accessory in the box your total UPS should not go over $68. If you don’t need anything else with your boat we will just take the remainder off the price. Any accessories you do need with your boat are 10% off, and also note that our shopping cart as yet does NOT reflect these discounts – it will show a higher total so we will adjust the bottom line before ringing the transaction through.
    AIRE Superlynx Inflatable Kayak Colors

    In red, green, purple, yellow, blue, and dark orange. Our drop-down color menu may not show the orange. We stock blue and green, and often purple in the busy part of the year from Spring through mid-Summer. We don’t stock red or yellow unless AIRE runs out of the other colors, but if you want red or yellow it only takes an extra day or two. If you are determined to have one certain color, and that color only, check with us first. Our telly number is 925-820-BOAT.

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