Snake River 4 Dam Removal

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    Snake River 4 Dams Removal

    Thanks in part to 1,000 Earthjustice supporters in Washington, the Washington State Legislature provided funding for analysis and planning to transition the energy, transportation, and irrigation services currently provided by the four aging dams on the lower Snake River.

    While the federal government will make the final decision on whether to breach the dams — and we’re counting on you to use your voice to influence its decisions when the time comes — Washington State recognized that it’s time to move from studies to action. This funding lays the groundwork for actions that will ensure communities along the Snake River can benefit from dam removal as much as the salmon and orcas do.

    Our effort to remove the dams isn’t just about the flow of a river — it’s about holding the government accountable to its promises. The government, through treaties with Native American Tribes and the legal requirements of the Endangered Species Act, promised that Snake River salmon and Southern Resident Orca populations would not go extinct but would be restored.

    Our leaders have acknowledged that the business-as-usual approach of past decades will break those promises, but dam supporters are mobilizing to maintain this failed status quo. Soon, we will call on you again to make sure the Biden administration and Congress take action to plan for a post-dam future that will restore salmon and orcas, and strengthen communities along the Snake River. For now though, we just want to say thanks for what you have already done!

    Restoration of the Lower Snake River

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