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    The Sawtooth is a great touring boat option for those who don’t have the room to store a hardshell. The hull design is “V” shaped and extends well below the side tubes, unlike the flat bottoms on whitewater IKs. This helps the boat track very well in flat water, and the addition of the skeg makes this a much faster boat to paddle than other inflatables (especially those designed for whitewater, like our Tomcat). The boat is stable, easy to “wet entry”, and with the addition of a second Cheetah Chair can easily accommodate two paddlers. The boat rolls up reasonably small, residing in an REI XXL duffel bag when not in use. My only knock would be that it is possible for the detachable skeg to fall out of its sleeve while the boat is in use, which I learned the hard way. If the boat does not seem to be tracking as well as usual, you might want to check to make sure the skeg is still there before you go too far…

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