Sawtooth I Sail Rig

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    Jeff Singer

    I bought a Sawtooth I the first year that they were introduced. I was impressed with the quality of the boat. It’s rugged enough to inspire confidence right away. Lee is right about the speed of the boat. It’s clearly designed to be moved through water by a person with a paddle as opposed to sliding down tilted water in a river.

    This boat is very different from whitewater boats and always seemed very comparable to hard shell sit-on-tops of similar length. Even though this boat is designed more for flat than moving water, the bottom is thick and keeps the cockpit dry even with the bail holes open all the time.

    It’s not a light boat and because it’s a bladder design it needs to be drained of water after using it.

    I’ve attached a picture of a sail rig I developed for the boat. I learned a lot about what not to do when putting a sail rig on an inflatable. The boat was fast though.

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