NRS Pike Fishing Inflatable Kayak review by TBP

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    NRS Pike Fly Fishing Inflatable Kayak get to all the places you couldn’t before! Tons of space for tackle, and camp gear if you do overnight fishing trips. The rigid inflatable floor even allows you to kneel while casting if you wish, or you can step in & out of it easily to cast from shore.

    NRS Pike Fly Fishing Inflatable Kayak is Welded PVC

    This kayak is as long as most tandems – 12’6″ – but is designed to give a solo angler plenty of space. It can accommodate a child too for tandem fishing. The Pike is 38″ wide with 11″ side tubes. The floor is 4″ thick drop-stitch material that inflates flat like an ironing board, and this floor pad can achieve very rigid pressure. Running any rapids is not really a problem in the Pike, though it’s bow and stern do not have the rocker (lift) of most true whitewater inflatables. The rise is about 3″.

    The NRS Pike Fly Fishing Inflatable Kayak is a self bailing kayak, but you should note that if you do plan on running somewhat continuous rapids in it, the bail holes are deliberately very minimal. The Pike will not empty itself fast, nor is it ideal if an already large adult tries to stuff a second big person in front. 330 pounds is a reasonable payload limit.
    NRS Pike Fly Fishing Inflatable Kayak – D-rings Galore

    There are an amazing 32 little stainless D-ring attachments on the Pike, and lift handles at each end. It features a pair of removable skegs (one for deeper water, and a smaller one for the shallows), Leafield valves on the three chamber, an adjustable seat, and a nylon carry bag. There are three attachment mounts for Scotty brand fly rod holders, a tackle bag, and bungie in the bow for securing small coolers, drybags, or a tackle box.

    All in all the Pike Fly Fishing Inflatable Kayak is a lot of kayak for under a thousand dollars. It carries a three year warranty and is made in China. Hunter green only.
    NRS Manufacturers Description for Pike Fly Fishing Inflatable Kayak

    Enjoy all the features of the best fishing kayaks in a compact, convenient package with the NRS Pike Fishing IK. Throw it in your rig, head to the water, air it up and go after that trophy. This stable, top-quality inflatable kayak features a rigid, self-bailing floor, plus all the bells and whistles serious anglers demand. Heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant PVC construction for long-lasting durability. The drop-stitch PVC floor insert inflates to exceptionally high pressure, giving you a stable, flat, rigid platform for sight fishing. Its also removable for easy cleaning or repair. Two removable skegs allow you to choose the one that is better for your tracking needs. The comfortable collapsible seat adjusts to fit, and you can position it where you like it best in the boat. 32 stainless steel D-rings let you rig your boat exactly how you like it. The Easy Access Tackle Bag (included), with it’s parallel YKK® zippers is easy to use, keeping your gear securely at hand. Bungee lacing in the bow provides handy spot to lash down a small cooler, a tackle box, or a dry bag. Two nylon webbing daisy chains in the stern provide attachment points for clipping in those items you want close at hand. Three Scotty Mount pads let you attach Scotty accessories such as rod holders and a fish finder mount. Two carry handles make the Pike IK easy to carry or drag to and from the water. Top-quality Leafield C7 valves ensure easy, reliable inflation and deflation. The included carry bag makes it super easy to toss your boat in your trunk or sling it over your shoulder for easy transportation.
    Manufacturer’s Specs for Fly Fishing Inflatable Kayak

    Length: 12′ 8″ Width: 39″ Weight: 51 lbs. Tube Diameter: 11″ Number of Thwarts: 0 Number of Air Chambers: 3 Valve Type: Leafield Self Bailing: Yes Type of Material: PVC Drop-Stitch Number of D-rings: 32 Number of Handles: 2 Center Compartment Width: 17″ Repair Kit: Yes Warranty: 3 Years Retail, 3 Years Commercial Includes: Adjustable seat Three Scotty Mount attachment points Easy Access Tackle Bag 2 removable skegs Nylon bag with shoulder straps Rolled dimensions in storage bag: ~14″ diameter x 32″ length

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