New R2 and R4 frameless catarafts by ZelGear

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    Len Fromzel

    At Gauley Festival 2015 ZelGear have introduced the new type of frameless cataraft R2 ( there is R4 model available as well).
    It is a great new design indeed, with kneeling “saddle-type” seats mounted on top of flattened tubes. The idea was borrowed from
    russian-made framed catarafts and successfully transferred to frameless design.

    Seats allow for full range of technical strokes and braces that C1 and C2 boaters are accustomed too.
    Boats are eye-catchers on a shore and on a river, they run as technical as hard-shells, and are at home on class 5 rapids.
    You should have seen it on Pillow Rock this past Saturday.

    ZelGear boats are built in Europe. ZelGear is the US trademark of Neris Inflatables; they sell in Europe different models for about 10 years and have
    great reputation.

    Quality is so high that limited lifetime warranty is offered. Tons of handles and D-rings on every cataraft.
    Every tube has a pressure-relieve valve, a great feature. A bit longer and less rocker than on PaddleCat. Much faster and probably, more capable than Aire SaberTooth. And even better looking. Another great thing about these new catarafts is that R2 (called BeaveR-2) weights just 48.5 lb, less than company currently states on web site. One can take it on a plane, makes a lot of difference to me.

    Introductory price is only about $1,600 but will be increased in January, 2016. The only issue is that current stock in the US is sold out already and there is a waiting list, so newly ordered boats will be delivered only in early 2016.
    Check it out here:

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