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    Lee Arbach TBP

    This is to thank Lee Arbach for his expert advice and recommendations on two tandem touring kayaks that I have purchased from him over the last eight years. Even though I live in Virginia, and the kayaks were for use in the Caribbean, Lee gave me personal attention over the phone and in emails, listening carefully to the type of touring I would be doing (coastal kayaking in the Caribbean), and providing excellent recommendations.

    I chose the Sunny and Solar tandem kayaks, and have been very satisfied with them. My wife and I have taken beautiful trips along caribbean waters, and have experienced nature in a way that we will never forget.

    A couple of times I had to email Lee for advice on routine regluing of a seat fastener, and he gave me detailed instructions on what adhesive to use, how to prepare the area, and how to care for it. Even though we’re thousands of miles apart, I’ve felt as if he was right next door with his timely and accurate advice.

    Recently, one of the kayaks was found to have an out of warranty factory defect. Lee referred me to the factory rep and assisted me in having this problem resolved to my complete satisfaction.

    In summary, I would highly recommend Lee Arbach and The Boat People to anyone looking for a kayak, regardless of skill level.

    Thanks again,

    Nelson Pacheco

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