MIllan Ruka New Zealand Environment River Patrol

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    Kia ora Lee

    Well every thing has arrived safe and sound here in NZ on 18.10.2013. Very well wrapped, no damage and because of all the clear identification box numbers and detail of contents labels, our customs department let it all through quick time. Have already used the two-person Lynx, out of the box and in the river, fits like a glove and excellent. Aire products suite our requirements, there are many features together with the quality that make it all worthwhile to make my purchase in the USA. Thank you Lee, you put in a big effort, over and above to prepare this overseas order and thanks very much for the the extra presents you threw in. I can recommend to any one and that this has been a very good experience to work with you to sort out our needs for kayaks and cata-craft purchase and to receive them here in NZ.

    MIllan Ruka
    Environment River Patrol Aotearoa New Zealand

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