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    Lee Arbach TBP

    Just a note to say thanks for a great web site, informed staff, and prompt delivery – I recently purchased an Aire Superlynx to use for solo and tandem ocean kayaking in the Pacific N W, as a dinghy for a C-Dory and for some moderate white water rivers. – I was able to make an informed decision about boats based on the information on your web site and with your staff. I am very pleased with the Super Lynx – as a one two or three person boat. When doing a short Solo ocean kayaking day trip I add 2.5 gallons of water just in front of the bow seat – for balance. That is easier than switching the seats, and I need the water anyway.

    As a tandem – very stable – both persons can look over the side on the same side to gaze at sea life without compromising balance. This would be a great feature for young family with children wanting to explore shallow water creatures.

    As a Tandem with Rotweiller [with life vest on] in the middle – even when he stands boat was stable. Hopefully he will learn to sit down.

    As a Dinghy from C-Dory to shore – it holds three adults no problem. It is easy to enter from the C-Dory compared with my Hard-shell kayaks and two kayak straps fasten it neatly to the roof of the cabin. At first I was hesitant to purchase a self- draining boat for dinghy use – however the comments on your web site about the thickest floor of any inflatable help make the decision – for the most part with two people – not much problem getting wet – if I want a dry ride from the C-Dory to shore – unless of course its rough and then its a water sport and expect to get wet. The self draining aspect actually makes it a better boat if we ever have to use it for lifeboat
    Thanks again for a great web site, products and helpful staff!

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