Helios II as a Sailboat

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    Jeff Singer

    I bought a Helios II in order to try a sail rig of mine on the kayak. Lee was out of stock at the time but immediately arranged with Innova to have a boat dropped shipped to me. Fast service.

    The Helios II is made with the typical Innova quality and toughness. Very dependable and never any surprises. Lee had warned me that the inflatable decks might need topping off every few days, and he was right. A minor annoyance. The 3 main hull chambers never lost air even stored fully inflated in my garage for weeks at a time.

    The sail rig worked well on this boat because the 3PSI rating makes a really stiff hull that doesn’t flex at all. The relatively narrow hull and relatively long waterline makes for much better speed than a whitewater boat with a lot beam and kick in the ends. With the sail rig mounted up front including outriggers, the boat was fine with one person sitting in the rear cockpit.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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