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    Lee Arbach TBP

    The Boat People and Innova are my two favorite e-tailers on the planet. Just last week, I called about pumps for my Innova boats. Not only did you folks spend the needed time with me but my pumps are already here. I appreciate the time you took with me as a customer. I have bought pumps before, each one with high hopes of not needing to buy a replacement for at least a year or two. It looks like the Bravo IIs just might last.

    NOTE: I have two Bravo I’s that I love for compactness and efficiency but one is already sporting half a tube of AguaSeal where the top plate has cracked and the bellows worn through multiple times. I hope you folks stay in business for multiple generations to come. Folks like yourselves and Tim at
    Innova are a rare breed.

    Many Thanks
    Don Rasky
    A Very Satisfied Customer

    (TBP note- the problems Don mentions with the Bravo I foot pump are caused by a thin area in the mold these Italian footpump plates are made from, and it’s also the reason we now carry the small Bravo 7M instead of the Bravo I)

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