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    Michael Pine

    Hey there my name is Dutch, im 55 and I live on the Shenandoah in West by God Virginia…we are lucky here to be close so much good water…the beast the cheat the Savage and of course the Dowa out our back door. I have worked a lot of rivers and paddled a lot of different crafts but the Sabertooth I got from the Boat People when it first came out is the best paddle ever and worth every penny. We just did the Dowa at 6 feet and it just sailed thru some wicked hydraulics!!! For those who are unfamiliar with that river it is a natural flow very technical river with no water this time of year normally but with all the rain and very warm weather we ventured out…I had my girlfriend and my daughter both paddling up front with myself guiding in back. Bull falls bulls tail and lunch rock follies was one long class 4 at this time…then the stair cases…mainly the lower one had steep drops that made me very happy to be in a shredder with that much kick. It is also very wide along with technical so to be able to get where you need be and on your marks can be difficult and has made a lot of big volume river guides cry…having said that a raft would have surfed us repeatedly but this shredder punched right thru…took 5 and 6 foot troughs…upppp and over…rockers disappearing only for a moment or so. It ferries across the hydros with ease from one side of the river to the other and carries a load well. If that is not enough on flat water it skims across water with all the gear you need for a couple nights. We have paddled her in every situation and I dont see myself ever buying another craft because they have made this one perfect

    Lee Arbach

    Hi Dutch-
    It sounds like you have already put way more miles on the Saberbeast than we will ever get to, so thanks a lot for the detailed review. Happy to hear you tried it with camp gear, because that’s one thing most Sabertooth owners have not done. I suppose you could even rig a piece of plywood to go across the stern, with some 1″ holes drilled through to both attach it to the D-rings, and to cam-strap drybags down to the wood. Or maybe you’ve already done something like that.
    We are delighted that you are happy with it, and I’m sure AIRE will be pleased as well. Cheers! – Lee A, Lee S.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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