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    Lee Arbach TBP

    The new CruzAIRE SUP from AIRE is built like the floor chamber of one of their inflatable kayaks, but the bladder fits tighter in the outer shell, and it inflates to a stiff 8 p.s.i. instead of the usual 2 psi of a kayak floor. The zippers allow in a small amount of water for ballast, though not enough to slow the board. There are three removable skegs. You can use just the rearmost one in the center, just the two side by side fins that are a bit further forward, or all three. Cross currents and wind will determine how you want to set it up. No hardware is needed for the skegs.

    There is a bow & stern handle, and three more in the center for lay-down paddling, as well as shoulder straps for transport. A waterproof patch kit is included, and this American made product carries the same ten year no-fault warranty as all AIRE inflatables. The specs are: 10’4″ length, 35″ width, and a weight of 28 pounds. The color for now is dark orange with black graphics, though we’re not certain this will be the only color yet.

    This SUP uses no glue, which sets it apart from a lot of the competition, and should ensure a lifespan beyond many other brands. The price is $1,399 including free shipping, but we actually give you a $70 allowance total, so that should cover UPS and leave money for a pump.

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