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    Kevin Leap

    Recently recieved my Aire outfitter1. I could not be more pleased ,it exceeds my expectations. Have taken it down some local class 2-3+/4 runs, it paddles and tracks well not overly fast but kept up with other solo ww canoes/kayaks. This boat can eddy well.not what I was expecting from this wide boat, aggressive input achieved excellent results could easily hit most spots that hard boats got. Ferrying was incredible! Able to ride the backs of big waves to pick my way across technical rapids. Attainment is not it’s forte.and I was not expecting it to. It was very stable at all points in the river ,very forgiving even has the ability to boof decently with thigh straps and footbraces. Surfing was fun on small stuff easily manuevering spins ferries. But throw it sideways in a stickier hole and hang on! Fun ride. Hoping to get lots of use this spring on creeks and rivers all over the east coast. Thanks to The Boat People for treating me right with their great service!

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