Reply To: Retiring my Jacks Yak 1

Steve Menicucci

Hello Tres:
This Jack’s Yak I is needing to have a complete check-over for pinhole/small leaks due to its age and the amount of wear on it. It has an I-Beam floor which appears to be holding air pretty well and not having any valve (Halkey-Roberts) leaking as I sealed up the seam on the side of this real well several years ago. The main problems are just keeping up with all of the little leaks that seem to be developing on the 2 main tubes. The valves may also need some cleaning. If you happen to be in the Sacramento area in the coming months, I’d be happy to give it to you for free. As you are in Colorado, I had no plans to be out that way this year (didn’t get a Yampa permit this year). I can also be reached at (650) 422-2450 if you want to talk directly to me.