Reply To: George my AIRE Force inflatable kayak

Lee Arbach TBP

Hello AIRE,
Just wanted to get back to you and let you know that I did end up
going with the red AIREforce prototype which Lee at The Boat People
had, and believe I made the correct choice with seeking the ultimate
play / backpack boat as these pictures will show. AND I EVEN FIT IN IT!!

Look forwards to hitting the rapids real soon. Unfortunately, I was
hoping to run the Naugatuck River Race in it, but I believe they are
not going to allow me to use my force for some reason, which is
totally stupid since its a class 1 or 2 river at best and I believe
the Force is rated to class 5. But thats ok, I bought this package so
I can hike in and kayak out wherever / whenever the mood strikes…

You Guys Rule as I spend far too much time watching the AIRE
instructional DVD over and over (both the raft / kayak sections) so I
can see these crafts in action. Ever think of putting out a full
length DVD of just that ?? All the different AIRE boats in action ??
That would be great. Also, do you sell AIRE shirts / hats as I’ve seen
different ones in the DVD worn by the personal in it??

Thanks again for everything, really believe that all I need is AIRE !!
Big George