New Zealand Kaeo River Pollution from Beef Cattle

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    Lee Arbach TBP

    New Zealand Kaeo River Pollution from Beef Cattle

    To – Northland Regional Council
    Waiora Northland Water, Federated Farmers, Far North District Council Cc Fonterra DOC, NIWA, WDC, hapuu and stakeholders.
    Report # Beef cattle grazing unfenced to the tidal and freshwater riparian of the Kaeo River and polluting the Whangaroa Harbour with urine, excrement and sediment.
     These cattle were observed on 27.12.2013 on the riparian and in the water of the Kaeo River just near the township and down at the State Highway 10 bridge over the Kaeo River.
     It is a common occurrence to see cattle in the Kaeo River at the locations shown in the photos. They pollute the Whangaroa harbour with urine, excrement and sediment.
     The Resource Management Act 1991 No 69 (as at June 2011) states, Public Act 17 Duty to avoid, remedy, or mitigate adverse effects (1) Every person has a duty to avoid, remedy, or mitigate any adverse effect on the environment arising from an activity carried on by or on behalf of the person.
     NRC should respond with this RMA clause to these farmers to cease causing “adverse effects”. NRC could “suggest” the obvious to erect a temporary hot wire or permanent fence ie. “avoid or mitigate” or remove the offending cattle. NRC has a funding facility in place that can assist these farmers.
     17x GPS mapped (online) photos are attached to this report. They provide the evidence that beef cattle have been regularly entering the Kaeo River and causing “adverse effects” to the Kaeo River and the Whangaroa Harbour.
     This report was generated from a local source of concern for the water quality of the Whangaroa Harbour.
     *Please inform the writer of action, or inaction to this correspondence.
    Naku noa
    Millan Ruka
    Environment River Patrol – Aotearoa

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